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Máy Sấy Ly 3D

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Máy Sấy Ly 3D

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The curved and flat product UV curing machine for screen printing is special designed for curing plastic container, the main object is flat products. The machine adopt high wattage Mercury Vapor Lamp, three grade option for outputing wattage with no endless high speed motor. It's suitable for kinds of products. Adjustable exhausting system can make the best operation temperature of lamp, too much heat system of lamp and transformer can make operate the machine safely.

Technical parameter:

1.UV Lamps: 3 KW *1piece

2.Bottle mouse diameter:12-24mm
3.Height of treated product: 25mm-300mm
4.The width of belt: 400MM
5.The length of belt: 190MM
6.Demension: 2000*700*1800mm
7.The max speed: 2500CS/hour

8.Power :380V 50Hz

Tube, cosmetic bottle and 3D shaped object.
3D - radiation type - side and upper side.
Various shaped curved object UV Curing is available.
Supply respect to object's size, height and diameter.
Uniform radiation to edge and angualar part.
Adjustable conveyor speed.
Both mercury and metal halide lamp are available.
Built-in lamp hour meter, lamp off detect sensor.
Forced air cooling.

   Length of Conveyor    1,500~3,000mm
   Width of Conveyor    300~800mm
   UV Lamp Q'ty

   2~4 (Mercury, Metal Halide)



Demo 3D Machine:

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